Sunday, July 10, 2005

world electronic music festival 2005

The biggest and longest running festival of its kind with some of the biggest names in dance music.  Over 200 artists on two main stages and several other smaller stages bringing you Trance, House, Techno, Breaks, DnB, and Jungle!  Shaun and Nate brought back over 600 photos from this event 3 day camping event in Canada featuring... 

The Four-Four Main Stage, sponsored by Damn Mgmt, Temporal Rhythm, Republik and featured two huge live performances from Rabbit In The Moon with VJ Tek, as well as Astral Projection, as well as John '00' Fleming, Donald Glaude, Superstar DJ Keoki, Matt Hardwick, Chris Liberator, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Hatiras, Accuface, and Josh "The Funky 1", Jelo, The Beat Freakers, Kenny Glasgow, Deko-ze, OS/2, Dr. Trance, Walter Rosati, Steve Venom, Phantasm, Android, Kamikazi, Peter Ivals, Drag N Fly, Bratan, and The Lamberts.

The Bassline Main Stage, sponsored by Destiny, Circle Management, Numb, and Bomb Management featured Mix Master Mike of The Beastie Boys (San Francisco, USA - Beastie Boys, Invisible Skratch Pickles), as well as DJ Hype, Mampi Swift, Ed Rush, Shy Fx, Reid Speed, Freaky Flow, Czech, MC GQ, MC Rhymetyme, IC3, SCAM, Capital J, Mystical Influence, Marcus Visionary, Ryan Ruckus, Everfresh, Prime, Slip & Slide, OriginalVIBE, X-Khalibur, Crash, D-Syfa, Dave Saddler, D Monic, Marty McFly, Tasc, Red Turtle, Miss Michie, MC Caddy Cad, MC JD, MC Bandit, MC Trajady, M.C.P., and MC LAL

The HardSound Stage on Friday night featured DJ Unknown, Robbie Long, Tyrant, E.N.D, DJ Glow, DJ Gobstoppa, Lou Cabrasi, Milo, Psyklone, Scoots, Tyco, Virus, MC E.N.D, MC Gobstoppa, MC Rukkus, and  MC ROC, presented by Goodfellaz Crew.

Saturday Night, Big Kahuna Entertainment and Terror Inc brought Omar Santana, Buzz Fuzz, Sam Punk, Dominik, Mark Grimace vs Mannik, Unabomber, Belladonnakillz, EXT, Rex Manning, Lady Bass, Opel, Hardtripp vs. Lairdriver, Bacchus, Sydney Flashback, and Alpha-Ghetti

by shaun & nate

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