Friday, July 29, 2005

journey off earth

A full night at The Wave with Scott Henry, Scott Richmond, Kookane, DJ Delirium, Gonzo, Mth I-S vs The Germ in the Main Room  

The D&B/Hardcore Room showcased Mason, The Personal Nightmare Tour with Krazy Glue, Force, Pinky & Da Brain; The Dream Team featuring Mike Charles, Skrilla, Thoc, and Kapalm; Kaos Theory featuring Psylense, Moxilla, Playin Manits, Dynasty, Spark-1 & MC ?Jinx?, MC Crash Override, and MC Precious.

The Chill-Out lounge featured Brian Paste, JD Funk, Dave Mars, Unity, Trust vs Loxias, and FatJo.

by chris

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