Saturday, July 02, 2005

bang 5

A huge event out in NYC, without a whole lot of photos.  Enjoying the event was the primary focus on this particular evening.  Six platforms for sound featured the likes of...

Outside Tent - DJ Muggs, Josh Wink, Aaron Liberator, Scott Henry, Anabolic Frolic, DJ Tatiana, and DJ Moon

Main Room - D.A.V.E. The Drummer, DJ Micro, D:Fuse, Frankie Bones, Superstar DJ Keoki, Michael Myers, and Prophet

House Room - Miles Maeda, Pete Moss, DJ Heather, Ken from E.C.B., John Trepp, Future Funk, and J Leroy

Jungle Rom - DJ Starscream, Shimon, Marcus Intalex, Welcome to the Violence Tour featuring Hive and Gridlock, Swarm featuring Mason and DStar along with Thrust, Force, Gogo 13, Shaded Intelect, and MCs Armanni, Sharpness, Illy MC, and Crash Overide

Hardcord Room - Rob Gee, Lenny Dee, Delta 9, Venom, Einstein, DJ Sanz One vs The Manchild, C.O.A., DJ Candy Kid, and Joey Hardcore.

Fountain Lounge - Dr Octo-Pussy and Mighty Mike Saga, Sykopath, Integrity, Mr. Matt, and DJ Dank.

photos by chris

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