Saturday, June 18, 2005

midwest freakfest - underground sound

Out at the Shawnee Saltpeter Cave in Murphysboro, MidWest Freakfest provided folks the summer adventure of the year.  Tim and I ran out there for Saturday night through Sunday morning.  He was playing along with a massive lineup for an all night rave-a-than featuring... 

George Acosta, Craze w/ MC Sharpness, Micor, Doc Martin, Nigel Richards, DJ Lee, Dylan, Elektromechanik, FactorE, Kaos, and Evol Intent, with support from DJ Liquid, Bucky Fargo, Aus-IO, Quantum, Mary Jane, Wisdom, Diggz, DJ Scoto as Dr Destructo, Drizno, and Tom Foolery.

Beyond the Arch on the Midwest Massive Stage featured Superstars of Love, Don Tinsley, Astroboy, DJ Zeek, Sara Cox, Unkle Ryan, Tony Foo Young & Karizma, Read, Luscious Dan Smack, Dylan Thomas, Pap Legba, RJ Bass, Andy B, SpaceHead, The Poop Eels, DJ Derve, BrainStrom, Ryan Watts, and JenZ

The Free Age Stage featured The Control Freeks, Atom Bryce, RJ Bass, KTHPM, Solaris, Kid Domino, Shadowrunner, Synnister, Andrew Boie, Jon NuSkool, Johnny Scott, 4Star & Sigma w/ MC Nightmare, Jared Maeb Eternal, and DJ Aldrin.

The Outloaw Stage featured Chris Grant, Dave the enforcer, The Flasbulb, Matt E, Serby, Headstruck, Funky B, Noah, Jared, Thrasher, Mike Wenz, No parimeter, Vial, DJ CHad Kremer, Zebo, autoaxon, Robin King, Computer Controlled, Poor Boy Rich, StickieFingazz, and Mr Miyagi.

Toymaker/Nerve STage featured Aphox, Old-z, Shan Tran w/ MC Carlnation, Identity, Rob Rage, Kaiten & Sparkles, K Funk, Luke Rainard, Duke Armstrong, Mario Sainze, Tru Believer vs Stuntz, Cfk vs Olan DJ, Jesse Adams, and Delusion

Breaking Sound Pit Stage featured DJ Booth, Rob Riddum, Robin Weber, Junle Nerds, High Society, Gianna Lavarda, Delta 1, Patrick Felony of Kryteria, Deep Frequency, Mike Allison, Dorian & J-Walker, Ckytep, Zak Davis, DJ MF, and DJ DM3.

Skin Suit Stage  featured Shockwave, Tiatan w/ MC Pibb, Tangent, Tony Markham, Funky House, Patrick Everwood, Decay, Jim K, Pepe, Skeksis, DBC, Fastcode, Jamie D, Jon Gotti, Dankskii, DJ Butt Plug, Docile Bob, Digstar, Zvezda, Michael Bishop, Rift, Reperkushin, and Dave Skeezy.

The Ghetto Putt Stage featured Zeromtrks, B-Rowdy, S.O.S, Groove Technician, Rev Tweek, DJ Flavoure, Zippoz, K.I.T., and Anjie

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