Saturday, January 22, 2005

when worlds collide

While it was business as usual for all of the drinking age folks over at Kabal and Grand Emporium, another big show for the kidz landed in the upstairs of the Uptown with 4 rooms of fun for all. 

On the DeepFix Stage featuring Hipp-e, The Simply Soul syndicate, Matthew Brian, Mike Powell, and Alan Alda.  The AOC Stage featured Trevor Lamont, Xan Lucero & Atom Bryce, KC Jackson, Johnny Tremayne, Daniel Palmer, and DJ Aldrin  The Syde-Sho Stage featured DJ DMX, Offtrack, Sydeburnz & Tim Hjersted, Synnister, Blue, & Spynz. While the Psunami Stage featured Qzen, SpinStyles & cQuence, Mike McGrath & Ben Fuller, Mike Conway, and ALASKA.

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