Friday, December 03, 2004

the time machine flashback

A new contributor joined up to bring us this view from New York, featuring DJ Delirium, DJ Venom, Gonzo, Dread, Myth 1-3, The Germ, J Costas, Heathcliff, Pinky N the Brain, and Eco in Area One. 

Area two hosted Annalyze, Sykopath, Joe Jack, Jim Mas vs How Hard, Rocksteady, Integrity, Mama C vs DJ Massacre, The Manchild, Mindgame, and others (unreadable from flyer).  

Krazyglue, C-Tag, Brain Dunn, DJ Candy Kid, Tommy D, and others (also unreadable on flyer) held down Area three.

If someone knows the actual line-up, post a comment.

all photos by chris

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