Thursday, August 05, 2004

pitch music showcase 2004

The much anticipated Pitch Music Music Showcase of 2004  at McCoy's Blayney's, The Hurricane, The Beaumont, and Tizer's ... featuring Lester "Duck" Warner, Oja Lee, Pendergast, Wild Women of KC, Forrest Whitelow & The Crash, Ghosty, Blue Notions, Namlessnumberheadman, Sister Mary Rotten Crotch, Getaway Driver, Moire, Conner, Salt the Earth Vibralux, The Architects, 3 A.M., DC Bellamy, Brody Buster, Billy Ebeling, Jerry Dowell, Deep Thinkers, Descension, Josh Powers, Roman Numerals, Mac Lethal, Primetime Heroes, Steve Thorell, Hymns of Saturn, & Paul DeMatteo.


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