Saturday, June 26, 2004

bangin under the stars

This party went off out in the middle of nowhere Kansas, near Wamego.  Joe did almost all of the photos for this one, having arrived much earlier.  Solaris and I got bogged down in Topeka, and then a gas station in Wamego, after locking my keys in the car.  Surprisingly, assistance with that matter was relatively easy to come by.

The event promised three stages, but by the time I got there, there appeared to only be one as the central focus.  The Woods stage featured Buddha Kai, Just John, Shawn New, Johnny Treymane & Tony Markham, Sydeburnz, Offtrack vs n.9, Gaia & eMCee Carbon, Omen w/ Senseone, and Ethan Bliss.

The Junkyard stage featured Tone Tailor, Stryder, Doughboy, Alter Ego, Austin Tacious, Kali, and Patrick Everwood.  Meanwhile, the Pond stage featured DJ Deconstruction, Mingus, Bucho, Sketch (Skizm), Bobby Duracel, James Ehrman, DJ Tres, DJ Juan Beat-O, and Tim Hjersted & Alan Paul.

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