Saturday, March 06, 2004

ultra music festival 2004

An insanely huge event at Bayfront Park in Miami, that I totally pulled a paparazzi on. When we came in the ticket folks didn't seem to care that I had a camera, and I walked around almost all day taking photos everywhere.

Security snagged me around 11 pm though, and escorted out of the park.  With one arm around my back, I did panic a little as I was led out, thinking they would take my camera.

Fortunately, DJ Solaris was on his way to meet me at the time, and arrived just as it was all going down though.  Holding my camera out behind me as I was being forced along, he snagged it and carried it off to safety.

This really was an intense experience though, and I look forward to going back under more authorized circumstances.12 stages had us going from stage to stage to stage all day long.  Many thanks go out to the St Louis kids, for getting us up close to the stage for JunkieXL!

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